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Umbrella Insurance

There's a good reason why this type of insurance is called umbrella insurance- it covers you well against catastrophes. This is a supplemental type of insurance that fills in the gaps that can be left by other insurance types. If you're interested in umbrella insurance in Kentucky, call us at the Carpenter Insurance Group to find out more about this type of coverage.

Filling in the Gaps

In virtually every homeowners' policy, there are gaps in coverage that could be added to the policy by adding on more coverage or getting umbrella insurance. A common way to fill in those gaps is with an umbrella policy because they are less expensive than expanding homeowners' coverage. That way, you are covered against things not covered by your standard Kentucky homeowners' policy as well as adding onto the liability amounts that you are covered for. This is especially important if you have something potentially dangerous like a swimming pool.

Adding More Liability Coverage

As with a homeowners' policy, many auto insurance policies come up short. They often offer little protection against liability compared to the amounts that this often costs these days. It's more cost-effective to add onto your existing coverage with an umbrella policy rather than raising your maximums on your auto policy. Liability is a big worry for many drivers, so this kind of policy not only protects you, it gives you better peace of mind. You can rest easier knowing that you have plenty of coverage.

Umbrella Insurance in Kentucky

If you want higher coverage and better peace of mind, call us today at the Carpenter Insurance Group in Kentucky. We can analyze your current auto and homeowners' policies and let you know about the gaps and how umbrella insurance can fill them in for better overall coverage.

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